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Early Stanley Cup Set is a premier vendor for complete sets of mini sports collectables. can ship your product to any location in North America. All sets are display quality and baseball and hockey sets are Official Licensed Products. In addition to entire sets, singles are now available to complete your collection.

Stanley Cup Mini Mug Set
MLB Ball and Bat Plastic Keychain
NFL Ceramic Mini Mug Set
NHL Plastic Goalie Mask Keychain Set
MLB Ceramic Mini Mug Set
NHL Plastic Goalie Helmet Set
NHL Ceramic Mini Mug Set
NHL Stanley Cup Championship Figurine Set
MLB Plastic Hardball Set
NHL Team Plastic Yoyo Set

Get a Grip

Newest product!

The can and bottle grip.
It keeps your hands warm while keeping your drink cold.

  • Can grip fits any standard size beer or pop can.
  • Bottle grip fits any standard style beer bottle.

$4.00 each or 3 for $10.00 plus s+h (around $3.00.)
There are different colours for each product.

  • Can grip comes in the colours blue, black, pink, and red.
  • Bottle grip comes in red, and blue.


All our business is done through mail order. Print out the Order Form, fill it out and send your payment. Turn around time is approximately 2 weeks. All Funds on the site are listed in U.S. Dollars.

You may also place your order by phone at (905) 838-0292, we can accept VISA as method of payment. ($15 minimum order)

We will ship your entire new set priority post. You will receive your order; hassle free and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the set pieces separately.

2003 Stanley Cup mini mug and figurine are also available. Include it in your next set or order it separately. E-mail your inquiry about the 2003 Stanley Cup mini mug or figurine.

2003 model available 2003 Stanley Cup Champion mini mug

Homies are now available series 1 through 7. Please contact us for pricing information, every set of these are different .

contact us for prices on Homies


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